Silent Steel Tactical Package Compact Streamer stainless steel body + Flow suppression unit 5.56 FDE

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The Tactical Package includes Muzzle Brake, Heat Shield and Safe Breaker

The Compact Streamer is medium size rifle suppressor which can be equipped with either flow or baffle suppression unit. The suppression unit can be changed easily which makes the Streamer family suppressors most versatile suppressor on the market. Flow suppression unit is recommended for gas operated self loading rifles and baffle suppression unit for single shot bolt action rifles.

Compact Streamer comes with either aluminum or stainless steel body. Aluminum body is suitable for PCC carbines, hunting/target rifles. Stainless steel body with flow suppression unit is full auto rated.

Flow suppression unit is made from 303 stainless steel

Length: 150mm (added length when using QD: 93mm)
Diameter: 42mm
Weight: 450g (stainless steel body + flow suppression unit)
Finishing: Stainless steel body – Cerakote (Magpul FDE, Magpul OD Green, Armor Black)

Suppressor is delivered with storage pouch (see the picture) and disassembly tool (Front Cap Key FCK).

Measured sound pressure ** (LCPeak) next to shooter’s ear:

Flow suppression unit:

AR15, 223 Remington,16″ barrel 136,7 dB.
AR15, 300BLK supersonic, 13″ barrel, 143 dB
AR15, 300BLK subsonic, 13″ barrel, 132 dB
CZ Scorpion Evo, 9mm, supersonic 133 dB
CZ Scorpion Evo, 9mm, subsonic 129 dB
Remington 700, 308 Win, 24” barrel, 135 dB
Heckler & Koch MR308, 16” barrel, 139 dB

Flow suppression unit features:

Flowthrough design
No need for adjustable gas blocks or other gas adjustments
No harmful toxic gases to shooters face and lungs
No increased weapon fouling
Full-auto rated with stainless steel body – Simple structure with advanced heat management
Passes the SOCOM stress test cycles
Recoil management – No significant increase in bolt velocity
Flash suppression – Controlled gas flow technology and rapid gas flow cooling eliminates virtually all flash.

Gasflow/taperlock. Suppressor thread tightens automatically when shooting. Fast revolving gases inside the suppressors creates rotational force keeping the suppressor firmly seated. Taper mount at the front of the Silent Steel QD muzzle muzzle device together with heat resistant o-ring locks and effectively seals the suppressor keeping the mounting surfaces and thread clean from carbon buildup.

Minimal and repeatable point of impact change. Streamers use direct thread mount with taper lock. This design is least affected with POI shift because the suppressor indexes at the same point when mounted and remounted every time. Streamers baffleless design inside the suppressor is symmetrical. The bullet flying inside the suppressor is affected by gas pressure symmetrically from all directions which keeps the bullet trajectory always the same. In most cases point of impact shift is 1-4 cm and straight down (100m).

* Caliber and barrel lenght affects the result. See the measured results.
** Measured with Norsonic 131 Class 1 (precision) sound level meter and Gras 1/4″ microphone.

 Muzzle Brake: 1/2″x28 UNEF The Silent Steel QD Muzzle Brake is a suppressor-mounting twochamber muzzle device, which provides very good muzzle control and recoil management. Closed-bottom construction combined with upwardbiased V-shaped venting eectively eliminates both muzzle rise and dust signature. Tuning ports on both sides allow the user to adjust and eliminate horizontal barrel movement for stronger hand direction. Muzzle brakes are delivered with a shim kit and stainless steel M4 tuning screws.

The heat shield will protect the user and gear against burns and it is a thermal insulator and signature reduction device that mitigates negative visible mirage effects. The air gap between the carbon fiber outer hull and the suppressor will prevent heat from transferring from the suppressor to the heat shield. When shooting, the gun blast pressure will suck air from the venting holes at the back of the cover. The design allows high volumes of cooling airflow across the can which will cool down the suppressor and heat shield. Low thermal transfer materials will not get so hot that the Safe-Guard would burn gear or melt gloves when detaching the hot suppressor from the barrel. The Safe-Guard is very light but still impact and heat resistant, capable of withstanding suppressor temperatures exceeding 600°C for short periods of time.

Diameter: 55mm - Weight: Micro 115g, Compact 125g, Streamer 165g - Material: carbon fibre and steel. - Surface treatment: cerakote and nitriding

Measured temperatures:

AR15 16″barrel. Compact Flow Streamer. Sellier & Bellot 62gr. Outside temperature 0°C

Starting temperature
Suppressor: 10°C
Safe-Guard: 7°C

1st magazine (30 rounds, 3 shot/sec)
Suppressor: 120°C
Safe-Guard: 10°C

2nd magazine (30 rounds, 3 shot/sec)
Suppressor: 220°C
Safe-Guard: 30°C

3rd magazine (30 rounds, 3 shot/sec)
Suppressor: 400°C
Safe-Guard: 68°C

4th magazine (30 rounds, 3 shot/sec)
Suppressor: 520°C
Safe-Guard: 117°C

The Silent Steel Safe-Breaker is a small and handy 3-in-1 accessory for multiple uses. It can be used to cut concrete reinforcing bars. At the muzzle there are four glass breaker spikes for breaking windows. It also works as a blast can since it forces the gas pressure forward. The forward forced pressure also directs metal shrapnel forward, away from the operator when cutting reinforcing bars. The spikes at the muzzle help to hold barrel in the correct position when shooting/breaking door locks and hinges.

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