Leupold LTO Quest Thermal Viewer


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The Leupold Thermal Optic Quest is a powerful handheld thermal device, a camera, and a dual-mode, 300 lumen flashlight. With it, you can detect heat signatures out to 300 yards, which can make all the difference in scouting or tracking downed game. 

- Thermal Sensor: 206 x 156

- Operating Temperature: -4F to 140F

- Temperature Detection Range: -40F to 872F

- Fixed Focus

- Startup Time: < 3 seconds 

- Detection Distance: 300 Yards 

- Battery: Internal - 4 Hours Continuous Use

Thermal Sensor206X156
Digital Zoom1X
Field Of View20
Operating Temperature-4F to 140F
Frame Rate15Hz
Display2.4" LED
Detection Distance300 Yards
Color Palettes8 Options
Startup Time< 3 Seconds

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