Leupold Mark 6 1-6x20mm (34mm) M6C1, Matte, Illum. Front Focal TMR-D


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The all-new Mark 6 1-6x20mm scope was engineered based on the years of elite riflescope making expertise in order to deliver relevant performance features to competition shooters and tactical operators in mid-range to CQB scenarios. Built around a rugged, ultra-bright daylight visible illumination system, the Mark 6 1-6x20mm offers a true "both eyes open" situational awareness at 1x, while also offering the ability to identify and engage targets out to several hundred meters at high magnification. Several notable mechanical/optical advances include the new low-profile, mil-based ZeroLock™ windage and tactical features that are common throughout Leupold’s Tactical product line. Hands down, the most commonly used phrase we hear from tactical end users is, “smaller, lighter, faster” when describing the perfect optic. Leupold Tactical Optics; we listened. And delivered. elevation dials to prevent unintentional adjustment in the field and caliber-specific front focal plane reticles.

The Tactical Milling Reticle – D or (TMR-D) features an illuminated center that allows fast target acquisition at low power. The illuminated center subtends 2.5mrad (8.6MOA) outside and 1.5 mrad (5.2MOA) inside. The TMR-D has 3 different line widths with different tick intervals. The fine line width in the center has a thickness of 0.15mrad and has 0.5mrad incremental ticks going out to 10mrad from the center. Ticks are numbered at 5 and 10mrad. The medium line width has a thickness of 0.4mrad with 5.0mrad incremental ticks. Ticks are numbered at 20 and 30mrad. The bold line from 30mrad out to the edge of the reticle has a thickness of 2mrad and will naturally draw the eye to the center of the reticle at low magnification.

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