Personal Performance Classes


Whether you are a hobbyist interested in exploring different kinds of shooting sports like Bulls Eye Shooting, Olympic Shooting, IPSC, IDPA or a Military, Law Enforcement or PSD personnel wanting to improve your shooting skills -Infinity Tactics arranges classes ranging from the most basic to the most advanced level of technique.
Be it one on one training, buddy work, or training with your team, we can customize a program that will meet your needs most efficiently and effectively.

Some of our classes you can ask for:

  • Basic safety and fundamentals (handgun, carbine, rifle, shotgun and smg)
  • Peak performance shooting
  • Draw/present techniques
  • Malfunction drills
  • Reloads (admin, tactical, speed, TFE, one hand and emergency reloads)
  • Shooting on the move and turns
  • Multiple targets
  • Transitions
  • Covers and barricades 
  • Low light techniques
  • Personal gear, tools and zeroing your gun
  • Qualifications (FBI, Police dept., MEU (SOC), FDF, IDF, etc.)
  • Alternate shooting positions (ready, standing, kneeling, prone and variations)
  • Strong hand, weak hand techniques

Hourly rates for private or group instruction: 

  • 1 person =         100 CHF/hour                  (5 hour set for 400 CHF) save 50 CHF!

  • 2 persons =       150 CHF /hour                 (5 hour set for 650 CHF) save 50 CHF!

  • 3 persons =       180 CHF /hour                 (5 hour set for 750 CHF) save 50 CHF!

  • 4-6 persons =    200 CHF /hour                 (5 hour set for 900 CHF) save 200 CHF! 

All quoted prices are for Instruction only.
Gun rental, ammunition, protective gear and range times are not included.

Please note that reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

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