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1911 Tribal Ultra compact Cal.45ACP

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The SPHINX SDP Compact Black is the multirole pistol that excels in self-defense, tactical duty use, and competition.  One tool, any job.

The SPHINX SDP Compact Black is a duty-sized pistol for the most discerning of shooters. The SDP Compact Black features a full aluminum lower frame, which gives it unparalleled balance, and can adapt to virtually any role. Every design feature on the SDP Compact Black is tailored to maximize performance, quality, and ergonomics. The competition inspired trigger is very smooth with a clean break and short, crisp, reset. The steel slide is machined from billet and is hand fitted to mate perfectly with the interior, full length guide rails, of the billet aluminum upper frame. The aluminum pistol grip features interchangeable back-straps to adjust length and width of the grip, the grip inserts are specifically designed to maximize contact with the support hand for added control. Also for added control, the high trigger guard shape and beaver tail allow for high hand placement on the pistol frame to compliment the low bore axis of the barrel, which allow the shooters to easily manage recoil. A Picatinny rail on the frame allow for the addition of modern tactical shooting accessories. The front and rear cocking serrations offer different options of firearm manipulation and the dotted front sight contrasts with the black rear sight for quick target acquisition.  Ambidextrous features include the decocking lever and a magazine release that can be switched to either side. The slide release lever also serves as the take-down pin and is located on the left side of the Compact Black. Every component of the SDP Compact is manufactured to the highest standards and tolerances are extremely tight. Derived from competition and built for duty use, the SDP Compact is the ideal gun to suit your needs on the job, in the home, or in the shoot box.

Caliber9x19 mm
Overall Length7.4 in / 188 mm
Overall Height5.35 in / 136 mm
Overall Width1.37 in / 35 mm
Weight29.27 oz / 830 g
Barrel Length3.7 in / 95 mm , 4.17 in / 106 mm*
Barrel Threading13.5 x 1 LH
Sight Radius5.7 in / 148 mm
SightsFrontIron blade with white dot
 RearSerrated fixed sight
ActionDA/SA with ambidextrous decocking lever
Trigger Pull WeightSA: 4.0+ lb / 1.8+ kg
 DA: 10.0+ lb / 4.5+ kg
Slide materialSteel
Slide finishBlack with TIAIN coating
Frame materialUpperHard anodized aluminum
 LowerHard anodized aluminum
GripPolymer incl. finger molds
Interchangeable InsertsPolymer base with Rubber
SizeS, M, L
Magazine catchleft / right - reversible
Magazine capacity15+1 / 10+1*

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